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What Mistakes Are Made By Scottsdale Car Accident Victims?

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After being involved in an auto accident, you will not be thinking clearly. Along with worrying about your injuries, your thoughts also turn to being out of work for weeks or months, meaning no more paychecks for the foreseeable future. Because of the stress you are feeling, it is likely you will make mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in compensation. To ensure you case goes as expected, do not make these mistakes along the way.

Not Receiving Medical Treatment
More than anything else, failing to get medical treatment immediately after your accident can put your personal injury case in great peril. By refusing to let paramedics examine you at the accident scene or transport you to a hospital, you then allow the insurance company to claim you were never injured in the accident. If this happens, gaining compensation can be extremely difficult.

Saying “I’m Sorry”
Though you are stressed and confused after your accident, it is likely you are still attempting to be cordial to others. Unfortunately, this can also lead to problems. By taking an apologetic tone with police and others by saying “I’m sorry” while discussing the accident, you are sounding as if you have just admitted the accident was your fault. Should your words be interpreted by others in this manner, what you said will be used against you by insurers, police, and the defendant’s lawyers.

Trusting the Insurance Company
Finally, never under any circumstances trust the insurance company while your case is being resolved. To begin with, the insurance company has no desire to pay you one dollar in compensation, so it will do all it can to meet this goal. In many situations, this means trying to speak to victims before they have hired an experienced personal injury attorney for representation. Should you say the wrong thing, sign medical release forms, or make other mistakes before speaking to an attorney, your case becomes far more difficult to win.

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