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Suffering After Slipping And Falling Inside A Tempe Store?

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If you visited a store for what was supposed to be a routine shopping trip but instead found yourself in a hospital with serious injuries after a slip and fall accident, you are now wondering how to pay the upcoming medical bills and replace your lost income from being unable to work. Unfortunately, the store and its insurance company care little about your situation, and instead are focused on blaming you for the accident so they can avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. Rather than let this happen, let our attorneys at Gary Phillips Accident Law go to work on your case.

Should I Negotiate with the Store?
Absolutely not. Under no circumstances should accident victims in slip and fall cases ever try to handle negotiations with the store or its insurance company on their own. If you take this approach, you will go nowhere fast. In some cases, the insurer and store will coerce you into saying something that sounds as if you admitted the accident was your fault. In other situations, they may offer you a quick but small financial settlement, which will in no way cover your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. Instead, put your case in our hands here at Gary Phillips Accident Law, since we have decades of experience negotiating substantial out-of-court settlements for slip and fall accident victims.

Why Do These Accidents Take Place?
In virtually all slip and fall situations, the accident occurs due to store employees being negligent and careless while on the job. From stockers who toss boxes aside and leave merchandise in an aisle to others who choose to ignore spills that need to be cleaned up, these and other circumstances set the stage for an unsuspecting shopper like yourself to be seriously injured.

Now that you know the store and its insurer have no intention of playing fair following your accident, speak to us immediately here at Gary Phillips Accident Law. Once you hire us for your case, you can be assured we will fight hard to help you gain maximum compensation following your accident.

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