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Arizona Car Accident Facts & Stats

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More than 125,000 car accidents occur in Arizona every single year. Tens of thousands of accidents occur as a result of these car accidents with hundreds of fatalities. If you or a loved one is among those involved in an accident in Phoenix, do not go it alone when an attorney helps fight for justice.

Arizona Car Accident Facts

A few important facts concerning car accidents in Arizona:

  • More crashes occur in Arizona during the month of October than any other month of the year.
  • More accidents occur on Saturday than any other day of the week.
  • Approximately 4% of all car accidents are alcohol-related
  • 15% of car accidents in the state involve only one vehicle
  • Gilbert is the safest city to drive while Phoenix is the worst, according to statistics
  • Rear-end collisions account for the largest number of car accidents in the state.
  • Speeding is the most common cause of car accidents across the state
  • Arizona has the highest pedestrian accident rate in the country
  • Many people involved in car accidents were not wearing their seatbelts
  • Automobile accidents cost the state of Arizona more than $19.3 billion in economic losses in 2016.

Why Hire a Phoenix Car Accident Attorney?

A personal injury lawsuit fights for compensation for injury victims who are often left with serious injuries and other life-altering consequences. With an attorney fighting for justice, there is far less worry and more confidence that victory soon helps you get back to the life that you want to live.

A car accident attorney in Phoenix like Gary Phillips Accident Law gets more money in the case than you’d get alone and reduces stress and worry. You have far more to focus on after a car accident. Leave the legal work to the professionals who have your best interests at heart.

Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer and get the justice you deserve.

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