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A Personal injury claim arises when a person is harmed both physically and/or emotionally from an accident due to another person’s negligence. If another party is found negligent the injured person will be entitled to compensation for what they went through. The claim is made against the negligent person’s insurance company and most of the time the claims are settled without any type of litigation.

When a person suffers from a personal injury it is extremely important that they act fast to make sure that their rights are protected and the correct steps happen to ensure an appropriate settlement. The first and most important action an injured party can take is to immediately seek out appropriate medical care and treatment. It is extremely important that you tell the medical provider about every part of your body that you believe was hurt from the accident. One of the biggest mistakes victims typically make is not timely reporting their accident to a medical provider. Insurance companies will scrutinize a claim that is made where there is a “gap” in patient care from the time of the accident until their first visit to the doctor. Whether your injury involves neck pain, back pain, shoulder or arm injuries, knee, ankle or leg complaints with or without the necessity of surgery initial medical care is critical.

In addition to seeking out proper medical care a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney is also essential. If you call Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals during normal business hours you will likely speak directly to Gary Phillips. If you call after hours you will likely speak to an experienced investigator who will set you with an appointment the next business day with Mr. Phillips. This free consultation is available to any injured person involved in an accident. Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals is a team of experienced legal professionals and the law firm limits its practice to handling only personal injury claims. Together our team has over 225 years of specific personal injury experience giving us the expertise to properly handle any kind of personal injury claim and make sure our clients are fully compensated.

Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals is a team of experienced legal professionals and the law firm limits its practice to handling only personal injury claims. Gary Phillips was one of the founding partners at Phillips and Lyon which also only handled personal injury claims for over 40 years. Gary was the head of the Significant Injury Group that handled the most seriously injured clients and any family member’s claims for the wrongful death of a loved one.  Any type of personal injury claim can result in injuries that range from sprains, strains, broken bones, muscle tears, lacerations or sometimes traumatic brain damage from a concussion. With these kinds of injuries the medical bills can pile up quickly and you may need help getting the proper medical attention necessary to make you whole again. Contact Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals today for your free consultation and get the help you need to get the settlement you deserve.

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