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Each year across Arizona, hundreds of people suffer serious injuries from dog bites. Whether it is being bitten by a dog while walking through a community park or being bitten by a friend’s dog, the fact is dog bites can lead to serious injuries that often require a long period of medical treatment and recovery. In addition, serious dog bites also keep victims from returning to their job for weeks or even longer, resulting in a substantial amount of lost income. If you were bitten by a dog, even if it was your best friend’s dog, now is not the time to let your emotions guide your thinking. Instead, seek compensation for your injuries by consulting with a personal injury attorney.

Document Your Injuries
When dogs bite, they most often injure a victim’s hand. In these cases, there is often damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which ultimately require surgery to repair and physical therapy for recovery. Along with this, severe lacerations and even disfigurement can occur, also requiring surgery. Since insurance companies will never be eager to pay out compensation, even for the most serious injuries, always get immediate medical treatment, follow your doctor’s treatment plan, and make sure your injuries are properly documented in your medical records.

Don’t Deal with Insurance Companies
When you suffer a dog bite and are attempting to be compensated for your injuries, don’t try to deal with insurance companies on your own. If you do, you may wind up receiving little or no compensation for your injuries. Although dog owners are held to strict liability in these cases, an insurance company will nevertheless try to prove you did something to instigate the attack or that you are not injured as seriously as you claim. Rather than deal with such nonsense yourself, let experienced personal injury attorneys in Phoenix at Gary Phillips Accident Law put insurance companies on the hot seat and force them to give you the compensation you deserve.

Rather than suffer with high medical bills and lost income, schedule an immediate consultation with us today to gain compensation for your dog bite injuries.

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