Can A Scottsdale Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me After My Car Accident?

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When many people suffer a car accident, they go it alone when dealing with insurance companies and other drivers. If you make the same mistake, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Since it is likely you suffered broken bones, whiplash, lacerations, and maybe back injuries that require surgery or brain injuries that have diminished your cognitive and motor skills, always contact a Scottsdale, AZ personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident. By doing so, you can learn how to gain substantial compensation for your damages.

Insurance Company Negotiations

Since only a small percentage of personal injury cases make it to trial, the amount of compensation you receive to pay your medical bills, replace your lost income, and help you cope with the daily pain and suffering inflicted by your accident will be based on how well your negotiations go with the other driver’s insurance company. If you choose to handle such negotiations alone, you will regret it the rest of your life. In these situations, insurance companies will either deny you compensation altogether or offer you a minimal amount to settle. Rather than face these scenarios, let car accident and personal injury attorneys at Gary Phillips Accident Law in Scottsdale, AZ negotiate on your behalf.

Using Expert Witnesses

No matter how serious your car accident injuries may be after your crash, insurance companies will always claim you do not need compensation for medical bills and related expenses. Since many injuries such as whiplash and brain injuries may not show immediate symptoms, some crash victims have a slight delay in seeking medical treatment. To offset this and the insurance company claims, your personal injury attorney can work closely with expert witnesses who can examine your medical records, details of the crash, and testify in court or to insurance companies that your injuries are indeed legitimate and serious enough to require substantial compensation.

Rather than make mistakes that could place you and your family in financial peril for many years following your car accident, contact us here at Gary Phillips Accident Law. Once you do, we can work with you to schedule a consultation and discuss your various legal options.

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