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If you are enjoying a brisk walk through your neighborhood or walking around downtown Phoenix, you should be able to do so safely. However, when a careless driver comes along who is not paying attention to what is going on around them, you may suddenly find yourself dealing with serious injuries. When this happens, your world changes in an instant. For weeks, months, or perhaps longer, you will be enduring medical treatment, be unable to work, and endure endless pain and suffering. Rather than let the careless driver off the hook, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately to start the process of gaining substantial financial compensation for your damages.

Medical Bills and Treatment
Anytime a person is hit by a careless driver, serious injuries are the result. More than likely, you now have numerous broken bones, head injuries such as a concussion, deep lacerations, and neck and back injuries that make doing even the simplest of tasks almost impossible. In addition, the medical bills continue to arrive in your mailbox, totaling thousands of dollars.

Unable to Work
Along with the medical bills that never seem to stop, you are also sitting at home or lying in a hospital bed wondering how you and your family will make it financially now that you cannot return to work for who knows how long. When these situations occur, some victims who fail to take legal action immediately ultimately wind up declaring bankruptcy or having their homes foreclosed. Rather than let yourself and your family endure these difficult circumstances, hold the careless driver accountable by contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer at Gary Phillips Accident Law.

While trying to handle the medical bills and lost income will be hard enough, you will also be dealing with physical and emotional pain and suffering 24/7. However, the careless driver who hit you is likely doing the opposite. To make sure the driver is held accountable for their actions and that you take the one opportunity you have to gain the financial compensation you need and deserve, consult soon with car accident attorneys from Gary Phillips Accident Law.

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