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If you were out for a walk around Scottsdale and were hit by a car while trying to cross the street, chances are you suffered significant injuries. When these accidents occur, victims often suffer broken bones, concussions or other brain injuries, severe cuts, and neck and back injuries. As a result, they not only accumulate large amounts of medical expenses, but also find themselves unable to work for long periods of time. Yet even if it is determined you were partially to blame for the accident, you can still recover significant compensation for your injuries.

Comparative Negligence Car Accident

Under Arizona law, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit thanks to comparative negligence, meaning that both you and the driver were partially to blame for the accident. However, to have a lawsuit that is as successful as possible, you will need to work with an attorney who is able to prove the accident was more the fault of the driver than the pedestrian. By doing so, the court will assign a greater share of blame for the accident to the driver, meaning you will gain more financial compensation.

Insurance Company Offers for Car Accidents

In many pedestrian accidents, insurance companies will contact those who were struck by the vehicle and attempt to reach a quick settlement. Though you may think this will solve all of your financial problems, it will do anything but that. Instead, the money offered you will probably be far lower than what you could receive from a personal injury lawsuit. Should you choose to accept this initial offer, you will most likely not have enough money to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to your accident. Therefore, if you are contacted by an insurance company and offered a settlement, never accept the offer until you have met with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can offer sound legal advice on the matter.

Since you will have many questions about your pedestrian accident case, do not procrastinate in seeking compensation. To get started, schedule a consultation as soon as possible with Gary Phillips Accident Law.

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