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Of all of the potential personal injuries that a person may experience, dog bites may be taken the least seriously. We have a tendency to view dogs as lovable pets, and are reluctant to want to associate any blame on pets that we consider to be part of our family. But the unfortunate fact is that dog bites often cause scarring and other types of disfigurement. These can result in severe financial distress due to medical bills. If you have been the victim of a dog bite in Arizona, you have the right to seek compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Dog Bite Laws in Arizona
Dog bites are covered over Arizona Revised Statures, section 11-1025. According to the statute, courts may find an owner liable for the dog bite injuries if their dog caused the injury and if the bite occurred in public. They may also find the owner liable for injuries following a dog bite that occurred in a private place, as long as it was “lawful.”

Arizona’s “Strict Liability” Laws for Dog Bites
Some states have laws that require the dog to have bitten someone before or to have displayed some type of aggression before the owner can be found liable. For those states, there has to be some proof that the owner had an idea that the dog might bite someone before the owner can be held responsible for the injury.

However, in Arizona, dog owners are held to a “strict liability.” This means that they are responsible for injuries sustained by a dog bite even if there was no sign of aggression previously. No past record of bites needs to exist in order to hold an owner responsible for dog biting injuries in Arizona.

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Frightened and indignant dog owners may try to portray your injuries as being your fault in some way. We have the experience necessary to fight against these claims and can help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Arizona has a two year statute of limitations on dog bite injuries, so contact our dog bite lawyers in Phoenix immediately to discuss the specifics of your case.

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