Hit By A Careless Driver While Riding Your Bike In Phoenix?

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As you know, Phoenix has great weather. Because of this, you love going out for a bike ride now and then. Unfortunately, if a careless driver comes along who is too busy texting on their cell phone to pay attention while behind the wheel, you will be struck by their vehicle and suffer serious injuries. If this happens to you, it is important to hold the driver responsible for their carelessness and negligence. Along with making sure they won’t do this to anyone else, it will also force them to compensate you for your injuries and other damages.

Verify Your Bike Injuries

Since bike accidents usually result in the rider suffering broken bones, severe cuts, head injuries, back injuries, and numerous other injuries that greatly diminish their quality of life, always get immediate medical treatment at the scene and at a hospital. In doing so, you protect your health while also having your injuries verified by doctors. Once done, insurance companies will have more difficulty claiming your injuries were not serious.

Bike Accident Scene Photos

If you can do so, try to take pictures of the accident scene. For example, always take photos of your bike and the damage it sustained due to the accident. Also, if there are skid marks on the pavement, photograph these as well. Finally, should there be stop signs or traffic lights nearby that may have been ignored by the driver prior to striking you with their vehicle, have photos of these as well.

Contact Police

By contacting police after your bike accident, an accident report will be completed by the officers who arrive to investigate the scene. This can be very useful in helping you win your personal injury case, since the accident report often assigns initial blame for who caused the accident. If the report shows the driver was indeed careless and negligent as deemed by police, your bike accident attorney can use this information to force insurance companies to arrive at a fair settlement.

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