How to Reduce the Risk of a Bike (Bicycle) Accident

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Bicycles offer a healthy and convenient means of transportation that people use to take them to work, parks, markets, and other locations every single day they possibly can. With the increased popularity of bike riding comes an increased number of accidents involving cyclists and vehicles. An accident with a vehicle while riding a bicycle is a devastating experience that causes injuries and damages that may take months or years to fix. Bike accidents cause many other life-altering effects as well.

If you are riding a bicycle while in traffic, keep the following safety tips in mind to minimize the risks of an accident while you are on the roadways:

  • Ride a bicycle that suits your body size and riding style. Always wear a helmet when cycling, even short distances.
  • Avoid major highways and roads during rush hour, when cyclists are at a greater risk of being hit by an automobile.
  • Do not ride your bike on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road. Use the bike lane, where available.
  • Maintain safe distances from vehicles traveling ahead of you.
  • Use yellow reflectors on each of the bike’s peddle so you are more visible to drivers. Also, carry a horn with you. Use the horn in an emergency.

The tips above are among the many that reduce the risk of being involved in a cycling accident, but there is nothing that can 100% prevent an accident. In the event you are one of the more than 45,000 people injured in bicycle accidents every year, contact an attorney. You may be entitled to more compensation than the insurance is willing to pay but the lawyer won’t allow them to get away with that. Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers fight for inured victims rights and help them get stice where it is due.

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