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Injured While On A Phoenix Motorcycle Ride? Consult An Attorney

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As one of America’s most beautiful cities, Phoenix is a great place for a motorcycle ride. However, when a careless driver strikes you and your motorcycle with their vehicle, a fun day turns into a long nightmare of serious injuries, extensive and expensive medical treatment, and loss of income. To ensure you don’t fall into financial ruin after your accident, hold the driver responsible for your accident accountable for their negligence by contacting our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys here at Gary Phillips Accident Law.

File a Police Report
Since most motorcycle accidents involve serious injuries and property damage, always make sure police are called to the scene of your accident. When they arrive, they will then be required to complete an accident report, which usually includes their determination as to who was at fault for the accident. If blame is assigned to the automobile driver, this report can be key in helping you gain the compensation you need and deserve.

Say Very Little at the Scene
While you will need to discuss your accident with police at the scene, you should nevertheless make an effort to stick only to the facts until you have spoken to us here at Gary Phillips Accident Law. If you stray during your conversations and start to say such things as “I’m sorry” or make other similar statements, police and others may assume you are admitting you caused the accident. Since there is often tremendous bias against motorcyclists when accidents take place, don’t do anything that makes it easier for an insurance company to deny your injury claim.

Get Medical Treatment
Whether you suffered broken bones, head injuries, road rash, or these and other injuries, always get immediate medical treatment at the accident scene and later at a hospital. Once your injuries are treated and documented into medical records by physicians and others, the driver and their insurance company will face more difficulty claiming you are exaggerating the extent of your injuries.

If you are now recuperating from a motorcycle accident, get the compensation you deserve by scheduling a consultation today with us here at Gary Phillips Accident Law.

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