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What Should I Do After My Motorcycle Accident In Scottsdale?

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When you get on your motorcycle and head down the road on what you plan to be a fun day in the Arizona sunshine, you never think your day will be interrupted by a car that collides with you on a highway. However, once this happens, you need to take several steps immediately to not only protect your health, but also ensure your legal rights will be protected.

Get Police to the Scene
Immediately after your accident, call police to your accident scene. By taking this step, you ensure an accident report will be filed. The report, which may be important to your case, will usually contain details about who the police believe was responsible for the accident, which may allow your attorney to build a stronger case on your behalf.

Get Medical Treatment
Whether or not you have obvious injuries after your motorcycle crash, allow yourself to be given medical treatment at the scene. In many cases, some injuries such as head injuries or internal bleeding may not show symptoms until hours later. By delaying, you put yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation, and also give an insurance company the chance to claim you were not injured in your crash.

Get Witness Statements
If there were others around when your accident took place, get their statements about what they witnessed. In cases such as these, witness statements can be very helpful in proving your version of events as to what happened. Once you have the statements, turn them over to your attorney at once.

Say Very Little
At the accident scene, the hospital, and once you are back home recuperating, try to say as little as possible about the accident to others. Should an insurance company contact you, refer them to your attorney. Also, should you want to go on social media and post comments or photos about your accident, refrain from doing so, since your social media account may be monitored by insurance investigators.

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