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When a motorcyclist is involved in a serious accident with a car or truck, most people quickly blame the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, this can include police and insurance companies, which leaves many motorcycle riders who are seriously injured in these accidents thinking they have no chance to gain the compensation they need for medical bills, lost income, and other damages. However, when facing such a situation, remember that by hiring an experienced Scottsdale personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents, you can indeed gain the compensation you deserve.

Reconstructing the Accident
While police will show up at the accident scene and investigate what happened, they will usually do so very quickly. As a result, they often miss key details of what led to the accident, and thus choose to simply blame the motorcyclist and move on to their next case. However, by hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer who knows how to win motorcycle accident cases, you can work with an attorney who will make excellent use of expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction specialists. By having these experts working on your case, they can examine all details of the accident, piece together what happened, and testify in court so that a judge and jury can easily understand the events of the accident and thus rule in your favor.

Using Your Medical Records
When injured in a motorcycle accident, always get as much medical treatment as possible both at the accident scene and at a hospital. By doing so, your injuries are treated immediately and documented in your medical records. Once this is done, your personal injury attorney can use this information and the opinions of your doctors to pressure insurance companies into negotiating substantial out-of-court settlements that give you money to replace lost wages and cover all medical expenses related to your accident.

Rather that allow police or others to deny you the compensation you deserve following your motorcycle accident, schedule a consultation at once with experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys here at Gary Phillips Accident Law. Once you do, you are one step closer to getting every dollar you deserve.

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