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Need Help Negotiating With Insurance Companies?

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When people are involved in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, or are bitten by a dog, they almost always suffer serious injuries that require medical attention and result in lost income. Because of this, accident victims file claims with insurance companies, thinking all the while there will be no problems associated with gaining the compensation they need and deserve. However, most accident victims are in for a rude awakening. While insurance companies may appear as if they want to help you, what they really want to do is avoid paying compensation to accident victims. If you’ve tried dealing with insurance companies on your own and have no money to show for your efforts, turn to us here at Gary Phillips Accident Law.

Out-of-Court Settlement
Once you hire a skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer to act on your behalf when dealing with insurance companies, it becomes much more likely your case will be settled out-of-court. When accident victims try to negotiate with insurance companies on their own, they are often misled by insurance representatives into thinking their case will be long, complex, and will have to be resolved in a courtroom. However, this is not the case. Once your attorney has compiled large amounts of evidence supporting your claim, they can then negotiate with and pressure insurance companies to settle your case rather than let it proceed to trial.

Tricks of the Trade
When insurance companies speak to accident victims, they use many tricks of the trade to get out of paying compensation. One of the most common is engaging victims in conversations where they are tricked or pressured into saying something that can be used against them, which happens very frequently. Also, insurance companies will also try to convince victims to accept immediate cash settlements, which are nowhere near enough to pay for medical bills, replace lost wages, and cover other damages.

Rather than be pressured into accepting a terrible settlement or have a seemingly innocent statement be used against you by an insurance company, schedule a consultation with Gary Phillips Accident Law to discuss the details of your case.

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