5 Steps To Take in a Pedestrian Accident in Phoenix AZ

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Nothing can be as bad or painful as being struck by a vehicle. Whether you were legally walking across the street at a Phoenix intersection or decided to jaywalk at the wrong time, you could be entitled to fair compensation. Arizona law allows claims to be filed even in instances of comparative negligence.  If you ever find yourself to be a Phoenix pedestrian accident victim, stay calm and follow this simple step-by-step guide:

1. Seek Medical Assistance Immediately

In most cases, there are bystanders or other motorists who witnessed the accident. Speak up if possible and have them call 911 if they already haven’t yet. It’s not surprising if no one did at first; shock is very real and witnessing a traumatic accident can turn bystanders into statues.

2. Call the Police

If the police weren’t notified of your accident during the call to 911, place a separate call and tell them the accident was serious. Local police don’t always have time to visit the scene of a minor accident, which is why you need to explain the severity of the situation.

3. If Possible, Take Pictures

Phoenix pedestrian accidents are no joke. Any time a pedestrian is struck with a car, the injuries are most likely serious.

If you can’t move because of your injuries, have a bystander take photos of the accident for you, including your injuries. This type of evidence can be extremely important should the case for compensation to go court.

Save these pictures and hand copies of them over to your insurance company, and copies over to your Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney.

4. Contact your Insurance Company

If you don’t feel well enough to immediately following the accident, call your insurance company from the hospital or have a friend or family member do it for you. They’ll be able to get the claim process going right away.

Even though the insurance company is trying to help you, don’t accept any financial reward over the phone or in person.

5. Speak with a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A reliable pedestrian accident attorney will help guide you through the process of full recovery. They’ll file court documents on your behalf, negotiate a settlement with the insurance company, and work towards getting you the compensation you deserve.

Call a Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney now for the best service in the area.

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