Can I Be Compensated If I Slip And Fall Inside A Phoenix Store?

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Whether you are shopping for groceries, looking for new clothes at a department store, or needing building supplies at a home improvement store, the last thing on your mind is slipping and falling while walking down an aisle. However, this happens thousands of time each year to customers, with many sustaining serious injuries. When these accidents take place, negligence and carelessness on the part of the store are often to blame. If you have been injured in such an accident, here is how they occur and the types of compensation you can gain from a personal injury lawsuit.

Wet Floors and Blocked Aisles
In the majority of slip and fall accidents, victims become injured due to aisles that are slippery or from merchandise or other items blocking the aisle. Should a spill fail to be cleaned up promptly by employees or be noted by signs, customers can be unaware of this hazard. Likewise, if employees leave merchandise in aisles while stocking up, customers who may be looking at other items may trip and fall.

Serious Injuries
When these accidents take place, customers sustain various types of serious injuries. The most common include broken arms and legs, back injuries, concussions, and severe cuts from falling against sharp objects or shelves. Depending on the person’s health and severity of the fall, some victims suffer traumatic brain injuries that can be life-threatening or internal injuries from bleeding that may go unnoticed. Should you slip and fall in a store, always allow yourself to be treated by medical personnel immediately, and also get transported to a hospital for a more thorough examination.

Medical Bills and Lost Wages
As for the compensation you can receive for a slip and fall accident, the most common types include financial compensation for medical bills and lost wages related to your injuries. In addition, you may also gain compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and possibly even punitive damages if extreme negligence caused your injuries.

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