What Should I Do After My Phoenix Car Accident?

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If your day was going fine and then you suddenly found yourself in a car accident, you are confused and probably a bit scared. As a result of the accident, you not only have a car that is damaged, but you are also suffering from physical injuries and the realization you will be unable to work for weeks or months. Rather than let the negligent and careless driver who caused the accident get by without being held accountable for their actions, take the following steps after your car accident.

Get Your Injuries Treated and Documented
From broken bones and serious lacerations to head, neck, and back injuries, always get immediate medical treatment for your injuries. In doing so, you also guarantee your injuries will be immediately documented in your medical records, making it more difficult for the other driver or an insurance company to say you were not injured in the accident.

File a Police Report
In calling police to your accident scene, this will mean a police report will be filed about the accident. Since police always make a preliminary determination as to which driver was at fault for the accident, this can play a key role in allowing your lawyer to negotiate a substantial out-of-court settlement with an insurance company.

Say Very Little about the Accident
When having conversations with police, doctors, or even your family and friends, try to say very little about the accident until you have obtained legal representation from us here at Gary Phillips Accident Law. Should you say anything to anybody that sounds as if you are admitting fault for the accident, such as a simple “I’m sorry,” insurance companies are sure to find out about it and use it against you.

Rather than be like many typical car accident victims and make crucial mistakes along the way that keep you from being compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, use common sense and good judgement following your car accident. To learn more about what to do next and your legal options with our Phoenix car accident attorneys, consult with us today at Gary Phillips Accident Law.

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