What Caused My Big Rig Accident In Phoenix?

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When you are driving down the highway and get struck by a large truck, the results can be catastrophic. Along with your vehicle being damaged or destroyed, you will be dealing with injuries that may forever change the way you live each day. Unfortunately, these accidents happen due to the carelessness and negligence of truck drivers. As for what may have caused your big rig accident in Phoenix, here are some of the most common reasons these accidents take place. Our Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers and Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ can help you.

Distracted Driving
Like many drivers of passenger vehicles, drivers of large trucks are also guilty of distracted driving. Whether talking or texting on their smartphone, it takes only a split-second of taking their eyes off the road for a disaster to occur.

Fatigued Drivers
Since the vast majority of truck drivers are scrambling to meet tight deadlines when delivering products to locations in Arizona and across the United States, many of them drive despite having had little or no sleep. Although there are federal regulations in place specifying how long drivers may be behind the wheel before being required to pull over and sleep, many drivers and trucking companies ignore these rules.

Driving While Impaired
Unfortunately, some truck drivers will get behind the wheel of their big rig while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When they do, the results can be deadly. Since their reflexes and coordination will be severely impacted, they will be unable to maneuver their trucks safely on the road. In addition, their judgement will be altered as well, leading to them making many poor decisions that result in crashes.

High Rates of Speed
If you have ever had a large truck pass you on the road while it was going well over the speed limit, you know how scary this can be. Despite posted speed limits, many large trucks go well over these limits in order to make their deadlines.

If you have been involved in a big rig accident in Phoenix or the surrounding area, schedule a consultation with us here at Gary Phillips Accident Law to discuss your case in greater detail.

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