The Importance Of Proving Fault In A Car Accident

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The injuries one can sustain in an automobile accident could be debilitating and, in certain instances, permanent. An injured party might opine that the incident was due to another motorist’s negligent or malfeasance behavior. Under such circumstances, the law affords people the right to initiate civil action against such individuals with designs on winning compensation for various damages. That said, however, success in such legal endeavors often hinges on proving fault.

Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals, a team of personal injury attorneys serving the residents of Phoenix, Arizona and neighboring suburbs, invites prospective clients and interested parties to read the following brief work discussing the fault-proving process and the profound impact said procedure can have on the compensation a plaintiff might be entitled to recoup.

The Pure Comparative Negligence Principle

Arizona civil code adheres to a principle known as pure comparative negligence. This legal instrument enables an adjudicating body to assign blame to multiple parties in personal injury litigation like automobile accidents. Said principle allows plaintiffs to collect compensation even if they are found to be as much as 99 percent responsible for precipitating the incident in question.

That said, the plaintiff will recover final compensation in accordance with the percentage of blame a determining entity like a judge or jury assigns said individual. For example, if the plaintiff sues for $200,000 in total damages and is found 50 percent at fault, they would be awarded $100,000.

The Importance Of Retaining A Lawyer’s Services

Despite the preceding facts, however, the goal of most plaintiffs is to recover as much compensation as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney might make achieving this aim easier by performing actions like investigating the crime scene, obtaining medical reports, interviewing eyewitnesses and consulting with law enforcement agencies and traffic engineers.

Contacting Us

Those who were injured in a car accident or any other personal injury case are encouraged to contact us. Our team can review an individual’s case and offer advice regarding the most logical and appropriate next steps and might be able to win them compensation for their injuries. More information about our firm can be found by perusing our personal injury law website.

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